Tips to Make the Most of Your Pet Sitting Experience

In order for your sitter to do the best possible job for you they’ll need as much information about your pets, their habits and nuances and your home as possible. Your sitter will call ahead of time to arrange a Meet & Greet. This is your opportunity to speak first on the phone, then in […]

Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

Hypoallergenic dog foods typically share one of three basic dietary designs: Limited ingredient diets Novel ingredient diets Prescription or veterinary diets First, because they contain fewer components, limited ingredient dog foods can make it easier to pin down the specific allergen to which a pet may be allergic. Next, novel ingredient dog foods contain components the animal might not have been […]

Caring for your dog’s or cat’s eyes

Besides being windows to the soul, eyes can also shed light on our health. The same is true for our furry family members. Many times issues with their eyes can indicate other health problems. For instance, according to Pet WebMD, dilated pupils, retinal swelling and blindness can be signs of high blood pressure in dogs. […]

Water — Your Dog’s Most Neglected Daily Nutrient

Water is perhaps the most neglected daily nutrient your dog must count on for you to provide. In fact, it’s so important and so vital that no dog could possibly survive deprived of it for long before dying a painful death. Dogs need constant access to water. It must be served “ad libitum” — on […]