Learn about Dog Food Toppers and Mixers

We all have our pets’ best interests in mind and with the increased knowledge and conversations surrounding what we feed our pets it’s hard to determine what is best. Traditionally, dog food has not been given much thought. Any kibble would do for our pets, but times are changing. One of the easiest and best ways to make sure your pets receive the optimal nutrition is by adding dog food toppers or mixers.

Types of Toppers and Mixers

Toppers and mixers generally have more protein and nutrients than conventional kibbles. Some people even feed their pets solely on toppers and mixers! That’s one of best things about toppers and mixers; there are so many ways you can use them! You can supplement your pets’ normal diet with a scoop of mixer or a slice of topper. Do you have a picky eater, or just want to add some variety? Mix in a few pieces of dog food toppers or mixers! You can  also drizzle on some liquid toppers for extra nutrients. Alternatively, you can use dog food toppers or mixers as a high reward when training!

Benefits of Toppers and Mixers

There are also several different kinds of dog food toppers and mixers. Depending on how you want to use your mixers and toppers should have some impact on what you decide to try. Liquid toppers are a great place to start. Freeze-dried mixers provide a mess-free way of giving your pet a raw diet without having to spend all day cutting up meat!

While the name mixers implies you should use these as a supplement to your pet’s normal diet, mixers are completely healthy to feed as the main diet. Mixers are also a great option to add a little variety in your dog’s diet without having to completely switch food.

There are so many ways to use dog food toppers and mixers, and the benefits are numerous.

Are you going to try toppers or mixers for your dog? Or do you already use them? Let us know in the comments!

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